Nuclear power plant reopens following successful completion of internal safety review

The Enatolia power plant is back fully operational according to AEG.

AEG’s chief said the plant’s return to full operation was a “great day for minifigs”.

The Enatolia Nuclear Power plant is back in full operation following the successful completion of a safety review by the operator AEG. The review, carried out under the watchful eye of the industry regulatory body, the Minifig Atomic Energy Agency, stated that “no defects to the plant’s core infrastructure and monitoring systems were found” and as such a prevention of a return to full service “could not be justified.”

Full production at the Enatol-Grampos facility was impacted for a period following a small explosion on the 15th August. The safety review determined that the explosion was “most probably” caused by a structurally compromised valve on one of the plants turbine-generator interchanges.

Welcoming a return to full operation, AEG lauded nuclear technology calling the industry the Empire’s “means to realising full energy self-sufficiency by 2020”. CEO Thomas Rupert Tomkin passionately told reporters about the wonders of Tile Fission.

“1×2 Tile Fission has the potential to provide all of our energy at a fraction of the cost to the environment, and more importantly our pockets, than any brick fuel. The splitting of 1×2 uranium tiles into 1×1 tiles releases huge amounts of energy and it is this that will power the lights in your homes now and in the future. It’s a great day for minifigs,” Tomkin said.