Legoland FC


Established on 1st October 1993 as the foundational league’s first registered professional club, LFC quickly became one of the most powerful institutions in Lego society.

Consistently leveraging their influence in football’s corridors of power LFC have not endeared themselves to the wider football community and although the side are the league’s most successful and most supported club, they are also the league’s most disliked, being accused by their detractors of everything from unabashed arrogance and gamesfigship to corruption.

The Cartel, as they are known, are the most successful side in Serie A history with 5 league titles to their name. The franchise’s purchase of Franck Ribery from Lion Lakers in 2010 for £60m is the world record transfer fee ever paid.

As part of LFA ground improvements programme, the club reduced the size of its Partizan Stadium from 2900 seats to 1900 seats in 2012.


Founded: 1993
Based: Davidium
Ground: Partizan Stadium (920 seats)
Owner: Trust
Sponsor: Piecelat


LFA Serie A (12-13, 07-08, 05-06, 00-01, 99-00, 93-94)
Derby Cup (93-94)