Magic Wolves


Hailing from Castleland’s old capital, Imperium, Magic Wolves are yet to re-find the form that saw the club land its only honour, the 1997 league title. The team have traditionally being one of the league’s bigger sides but despite some periods of heavy investment the franchise has little to show for it in terms of silverware.

In 2011 hopes that the club may be given a new lease of life were raised when the team was sold to foreign businessfig, Gerald McFadden. McFadden promised fans of the Magics his time and significant investment, but he was not to come good on his word.

On 11 June 2012 the absentee forfig owner was ousted and the club were taken over by venture capitalist Pontius Aristope. Aristope set aside stablising the team’s off-the-field status. The large debts that were accrued under McFadden’s rein were written off by the Bank of Legoland through negotiations instigated by the new owner. The minifigure was however not in it for the long term and in March 2013 the club were off-loaded in a £50m deal to Legopolis businessfig and former Atlas Bell patron, Genaro Cal.

In one of Genaro Cal’s first moves, the club downsized the Magics Arena from 2614 seats to 1614 seats generating £50m. The move drew some accusations of asset stripping from fans, however the move has wiped the club’s debts.


Founded: 1994
Based: Imperium
Ground: Magics Arena (807 seats)
Owner: Genaro Cal
Sponsor: Imperial Phones


LFA Serie A (96-97)