Medalin White Sox


Since being sold by the Legoland Football Association in 1995, Medalin White Sox have been owned by the ruler of the Empire of Legoland, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor David. Despite significant financial backing and some notable success on the international club scene the team however remains amongst the league’s biggest underachievers.

The club’s early years were characterised by annual relegation battles. In the 1994 season, an administration error saw the club relegated instead of Legoland FC, in a mathematical calculation scandal that became known as Edwardsgate.

The Broadsides did not participate in the second division however as the formation of the SuperLeague in 1995 enabled the team to remain in the top flight. The decision by the LFA to reorganise the league drew accusations that the team, being the Emperor’s side, would “never be relegated”. These accusations have remained with the club to this day and accusatory chants can regularly be heard during the crunch showdowns with local nemeses the Bulls and “Imperial Derby” foes, Legoland FC.


Founded: 1994
Based: Medalin
Ground: King David Stadium (788 seats)
Owner: Emperor David
Sponsor: Voluntary Bank of Legoland


LFA Derby Cup (97-98)