Full safety review underway after unexplained explosion at nuclear facility revealed

The suspected blow-out on one of the plant's turbine-generator interchanges killed 2 minifigs.

The suspected blow-out on one of the plant’s turbine-generator interchanges killed 2 minifigs.

An investigation is underway at the Enatolia Nuclear Power Plant after it was revealed that an explosion occurred at the facility on 15th August. The news which was purportedly kept under wraps for fear of instilling panic among the public, has caused some concern to residents of the capital Davidium who live in the shadow of the enormous Enatol-Grampos complex.

Plant operator Atomic Energy Group were quick to put a brave face on it explaining that the situation was always under control. “Following the explosion a full physical inspection of the reactor and containment building was carried out with no issues found. We followed all MAEA guidelines and did a controlled shut down. At no time were minifigs in or around Davidium in any danger whatsoever as a result of this incident” said company spokesfig Kent Whitstable.

A blow-out on one of the plant’s 8 turbine-generator interchanges was deemed a possible cause AEG said although reports of debris analysis at the site indicated there could be a more sinister source.

Two minifigs are understood to have died in the explosion. Details of the minifigs are sketchy but it is understood that both were foreign nationals placed at the site for use as minifig-shields following threats to bomb the site from a rogue state.

A full safety review is being carried out by the operator under guidance from the Minifig Atomic Energy Agency.