Legoland United


Founded in October 1993, Legoland United are the second oldest club side in Panterra and are one of the true powerhouses of the game. The Red half of the capital have won more domestic league and cup titles than any other club and completed an historic and unprecedented clean sweep in 2010.

The club has lead the way in good etiquette and are considered to be the “anti-LFC”, carrying out their activities in a manner completely alien to the blue-clad minifigs over at the Partizan.

Legoland United are the home of the 3 most famous minifig footballers Serie A has ever produced. The “disabled trio”, Cripple, Christy and Leper, led the team’s front-line for the most part of 2 decades. The club’s stadium is named in honour of the trio.

Leper, Serie A’s all-time top goalscorer, has topped the Serie A goalscoring charts 4 times since the 2008-2009 season and is considered the greatest footballer the Minifig World has ever seen.


Founded: 1993
Based: Davidium
Ground: Palace of the Invalids (853 seats)
Owner: Trust
Sponsor: Octan


Minifig Gold Cup (09-10)
LFA Serie A (09-10, 08-09, 98-99, 97-98)
LFA Cup (09-10, 08-09, 07-08, 98-99)
LFA Derby Cup (10-11, 09-10, 08-09, 00-01)