The Community

The Empire of Legoland is just one of a wider community of minifig-led countries. You can check out some of the others at their official websites.

Federation of Legopolis
Lego Republic

Join the Community

If you have a similar site, are thinking of setting one up, or just like what you read here, do drop us a mail to say hello.

Our informal community currently consists of bunch of LEGO fans scattered across Europe and North America for whom the plastic brick is a shared passion. We’re always interested in hearing from our readers, wherever they may be, and welcoming any new minifig countries that wish to join in.

You can contact us at


Get your country included on the Minifig World Map

One project the community has been collectively working on is to develop a map of the “Minifigure World” whereby each member’s country is placed somewhere on the map relative to all others. This is an opt-in project and a work in progess so if you’re interested in learning more check out the Minifig World Map Project page.