Black Fortress Barbarians


BFB are among the Empire’s Castleland province’s biggest club sides, coming second only to Lion Lakers in terms of financial turnover and fan pulling power.

Famous for being the unfortunate losers in the first ever Serie A title play-off after finishing the 1999 season level on points with Legoland United, BFB had little to show for many years. That all changed under owner Claudia The Impatient and head coach Wellington Arial with his minifigs finally landing the franchise’s first major honour with the 2012 Serie A title.

In 2012 the club expanded the capacity of the compact Dark Stadium from 400 seats to 600 as part of a continued drive to increase off-the-field income from ticket sales.

The club is in the fortunate position of being one of only 5 sides in the entire league with a formal youth academy. The academy provides BFB with a steady stream of youth players and additional income generated from the sale of surplus personnel.


Founded: 1994
Based: Tricathan
Ground: Dark Stadium (300 seats)
Owner: Claudia The Impatient
Sponsor: Playmobil Tourism


Serie A (11-12)
Derby Cup (12-13)