The Legoland Footballing Celebs are based in the city of Medalin and were formed when a consortium of leading businessfigs got together to construct a club dedicated to themselves, the rich elite of the nation.

As one of the major pushers for the establishment of the 1995 Serie A, then branded as the SuperLeague, the Celebs saw it possible to buy their way into football’s top tier.

The Slobs, as they are more commonly know, developed an infamous transfer policy in the early years that saw the club fill their coffers but amass few friends. Players, mainly from ND Land would be snapped up for relatively cheap fees only to be promptly sold back to clubs, often from ND Land, for anything from five to ten times their purchase price.

The franchise is now solely under the control of media mogul Arubury Prints, known colloquially as ‘Mr Prints’, after the minifig bought out the respective share of the franchise previously owned by Helix Legoda and Miles Cadbury.


Founded: 1994
Based: Medalin
Ground: Mr Prints Field (780 seats)
Owner: Arubury Prints
Sponsor: Mr Prints Group


Serie A (06-07, 02-03, 01-02)