Townships fall to Legoban as Ministry of Truth once again denies everything

The settlements of Kerat and Habalal have fallen to Legoban insurgents the Minifig Associated Press has confirmed.

The townships, situated just west of the Habalalum region’s largest city, Medina, were taken in the early hours of yesterday morning the agency reported, despite dogged denials to the contrary emanating from the Ministry of Truth.

The Imperial Army’s outpost in the district, at Tora Pesh, was overrun in a surprise dusk assault on Wednesday evening paving the way for the Legoban to “seize a sizable slice of the mineral rich territory”.

The Minifig Times has being unable to corroborate the reports due to a blanket ban on members of the media entering the region and the State’s severing of all telecommunication services
linking Habalalum with the rest of the Empire.

The ban was put in force today by the Ministry of Truth with Minister Arthur Baton claiming it was “to give celebrities a break from the tabloids’ paparazzi hounds”. “We may expand the injunction to cover other regions in time to allow famous ‘figs in these parts some much-needed respite”, he added.

The scenes of panic from ordinary folk and celebs alike on display in the local cantons, both bordering Habalalum, indicate the populace thinks differently. There, refugeefigs are leaving in droves for the perceived more secure urban areas of the east.