Attack ends year of peace in troubled region as Legoban unhappy at pace of reform

The Legoban’s decision to return to armed conflict has disappointed but not surprised many observers of Legoland politics. A constant torn in the State’s side in 2010 and 2009, the leaders of the ethnic Castlefig insurgency agreed to lay down their arms for a slice of power and promised reforms from the Central Government.

The reforms are not materialising in the eyes of the embittered rebels and they have clearly marked the NBO’s 2011 report card with a big fat Fail.

How the Empire will cope having laid off over 400 soliders as part of cost-cutting measures remains to be seen. The Legoban’s decision to take up arms once again may well be down to the fact that the Empire is struggling with a politicial, financial and international diplomatic crisis at present and is seen as at its weakest in living minifig memory.