Regime opens talks with Legoban aimed at ending 5 years of conflict in Castleland

The Legoban are estimated to number around 125 fighters

The Legoban are estimated to number around 125 experienced fighters

The government has confirmed that it is tentatively engaged in peace talks with representatives of the Legoban aimed at securing a permanent cessation to its armed conflict with the Empire. The announcement, made by the Casteland leader Lord Colossus Denarius in the regional capital Imperium, was greeted by cheers from gathered peasantry.

In Davidium itself little publicity was made with the Ministry of Information markedly conspicuous by its silence.

The armed insurrection waged by the Legoban in the Empire’s far-flung provinces of Castleland and Basicstan has claimed hundreds of lives since violence first broke out in 2009. The majority of deaths have been common Castlefigs.

News of peace talks has nevertheless surprised many political analysts who had expected the military led administration in Davidium would be keener to escalate rather than defuse the conflict.

Speculation is now mounting as to what the state may put forward as part of any peace deal which range from expanding Legoban areas of control to imposing cultural reforms. The Minifig Times understands that the Legoban are seeking at a minimum expanded territorial control within the Empire and the establishment of ‘Cleansed Regions’, areas where it shall hold full judicial power.