Emperor David will seek to improve international relations in 2016

The hard-working Emperor is taking a well deserved 3 week break.

The hard-working Emperor is taking a well deserved 3 week break.

In a formal interview arranged by aides to the Legoland dictator the Minifig Times was afforded a rare insight into Emperor David’s own thoughts on a host of issues ranging from international democracy movements to the bizarre world of PBR politics.

Eager to make public his intention to work to improve what he described as “strained relations” with a number of foreign governments the Emperor explained that his personal objective for 2015 was to enhance the wellbeing of minifigkind everywhere, an undertaking that he believed had being ignored for too long. He remarked that this would necessitate setting aside certain differences.

“We’ve to work to improve understanding among countries and I intend the Empire will lead on this front. It’s the responsibility of leaders to ensure those whom they rule over live without the threat of war. It’s our responsibility to remove obstacles to peace no matter how entrenched they are. Considering 2015 saw the end of conflicts in Basicstan, Ancarta and the PBR I think we’re moving in the right direction.”

The black capped minifig elaborated further when questioned on what comprised ‘obstacles to peace’.

“The authorities have identified anti-monarchy movements, organised crime, and cultural differences as core obstacles to internal stability. The State has worked to degrade the capabilities of pro-democracy groups and bring peace to the cities. The abolition of political parties has removed a key access point for corruption. The measures taken against religious indoctrination is resulting in diluting cultural differences among minifigs. I think you can safely say we’re doing a great job in these spheres.”

“At the macro-level however the continued build-up of the foreign militaries is probably the single biggest threats to world peace. I’m looking at the Federation of Legopolis and the PBR if you’re in any doubt. Their actions compel more passive states to expand their own armed services in response. I can confirm the Imperial Army has recruited 100 new infantry into the service this year. This arms build-up however benefits no one but the arms dealers and needs to end.”

The Emperor also commented on the recent political turmoil in the far from united, United PBR.

“The PBR is an unstable jumble of minifigs from themes so varied political stability is particularly difficult to achieve. Add to that a very odd electoral system, Bob the King, a large populace of Star Wars figures and you’ve got the perfect storm to make a real mess. They could probably do with some sterilisation programmes,” he chuckled, before adding that he was in actual fact, “serious, very serious.”

The Emperor ended the interview with some comments on a programme spearheaded by himself, the purge of unwanted minifigs within the Empire’s borders. The purge is estimated to have seen over 500 figures expelled from the realm in the past 6 months.

Justifying the pogrom Emperor David claimed that the figs were not living good lives here and their sale to foreign slave buyers was improving both the State’s coffers and the average Piece Per Capita for remaining subjects. He also pointed out some unusual consequences.

“As we’re getting rid of many damaged figs and some truly ugly figures we’re making aesthetic improvements and things more pleasing to the eye. The LR may end up being overtaken as the ugly capital of the world someday but at least not by us.”

It was a win-win situation he concluded ending the interview with a some parting words.

“When you look you can see we’re doing the right things.”