Legoland tests medium-range missile striking the Legolantic Sea and South Attica

The missiles were fired from Manchurin.

The missiles were fired from Manchurin.

The Ministry of War has declared two test launches of the new ‘Skuz-1’ medium-range missile were successful. Two missiles launched from an undisclosed region of Manchurin are understood to have hit test “targets” in the Legolantic Sea and South Attica.

According to the ministry the results of both impacts were “in line with expectations”.
Photographs released by the ministry show two Geo missile transporter erector launcher systems each equipped with a sole Skuz-1 missile.

Balistic experts believe that the energy released by a Skuz-1 on impact is enough to obliterate installations covering 32 studs² making the missile the most powerful currently possessed by the Imperial Army. The missile is believed to carry a 1.32g warhead and with a range of between 20 and 25 stud blocks can reach both Bricksburg and the City of Legopolis.

Political analysts have suggested that the tests are designed to send a clear message to neighbouring countries that the Imperial Army has the means to send devastation their way. Whether the will exists remains to be seen.

The Imperial Army's Geo TEL

The Geo TEL is manufactured by Legoda Motors

It is believed that work on a larger and more powerful missile codenamed Sultan is presently underway.