Arms race with hots up as State gives green light to dreadnoughts’ construction

The IS already have secured leaked blueprints of the Caprican ship design, shown above, which will no doubt be shared with the contractor's design team.

The IS have secured leaked blueprints of the Caprican ship design, shown above.

The arms race engulfing Panterra Major is hotting up after the region’s sole Super Power indicated that it will proceed with the building of 2 massive battleships to defend the seas off the Empire of Legoland from foreign threats. A statement issued by the Ministry of Peace to State television said that hull designs have already been approved and orders of parts for the ships’ construction have been placed.

Analysts believe the Ministry’s move to beef up the Imperial Navy is in direct response to the recent Caprican military’s maritime expansion which has seen the backwater state move from a player of military insignificance on the waters to become the preeminent force. However, reports from the intelligentsia indicate that Legoland’s current hegemony is not at risk but it is wise of the State not to sit on its laurels.

The state is understood to have agreed a £120m contract with an as yet undisclosed contractor for the ships construction. The news is a big boost to the economy which is recovering from one of the longest recessions since the 1990s.