PBR ruler set to stand by his minifig as the Empire still has friends, just not on Brickface

The PBR has mobilised the state’s Imperial Armed Forces declaring the move is for “training purposes”. Anonymous sources close to the PBR Government are contradicting the official line however, stating that the call-up is solely related to the escaling political fued between the Empire of Legoland and the Capricas.

It is understood that the ruler of the PBR, President Brik, will assist Emperor David in any military action against the Capricas if emailed in-time. The time difference between the two nations may, however, prove difficult in coordinating any joint action.

President Brik is believed to be close friend of the Emperor but despite this he has not added, nor has anyone else, the Empire as a friend on the social media website Brickface which was launched this week by local media mogul Arubury Prints.