Midgar assisting independent ethnic Lego states with military equipment

The Emperor of Midgar officially announced today that he is sending military supplies to states he perceives are under threat from the Legoland nation. The states receiving aid from the Emperor are Fabuland, Basicstan, Belvistan and Duplostan. The decision by the Midgar ruler was explained in person. “It’s ok for Legoland to negotiate with other nations and try to adopt them into their own nation. But to threaten them with invasion if they say no is unacceptable for me”, he said.

This is not just talking on the Emperor’s part as it has the local press in Midgar City have confirmed through photographs taken from a common minifig that show soldiers of the Midgar military carrying crates with weapons and ammunition and loading them onto containers destined for Fabuland, Basicstan, Belvistan and Duplostan.

Speaking to the public, the Emperor explained “this is not an act of war, we are not declaring war on Legoland, we are just supporting nations that almost cannot defend themselves against an army that large”. The most asked question by those minifigs in Midgar who are against the decision is, will there be Midgar soldiers stationed in the ‘under threat’ nations?”. The Emperor said a loud and clear “NOO!” to this. “There will not be Midgar soldiers placed! Also, they wont get any tanks, anti-tank guns or anti-aircraft guns for that matter. If Legoland really invades those nations, shipping of weapons will be ceased.”

The estimated value of the weapons cargo that is going to be shipped is be around £20m. The Midgar leader directly addressed Emperor David of Legoland when he offered talks. “If you want to talk about this come and visit at any time, you are most welcome”, he said.