Grepos protests against border transgression as Imperial Army crosses into Belvistan

lego-belvistan-incursionA convoy of Imperial Army troop transport vehicles have crossed the Legoland-Belvistan border heading south towards Allapo, Belvistan’s second largest city, the Belvium government has confirmed.

Although believed to be carrying upwards of 50 heavily armed soldiers, the Minifig Times understands that no shots have yet been fired and Grepos has so-far avoided brandishing the incursion an invasion.

Local minifigs, mindful that their previous colonial masters annexed neighbouring Paradistan in just 5-days in 2013, are reported to be fleeing Allapo for the capital Grepos in a state of fear.

Belvistan ruler Julia Marteme addressed the Belvium parliament proclaiming the minifigs of Belvistan “are small in number, peaceful and no threat to anyone“.

In Davidium, neither the Ministry of War or Foreign Office were available to comment.