Port Villa


Port Villa are the largest team from the industrial port city of Holtdam. Founded in 1994, the franchise won the short-circuited 15 round 1994/5 league pipping Real Legoland by a single point.

In the following season however, the club suffered the ignominy of becoming the first reigning champions to be relegated, with their last place finish in the 1995/6 season sealing this unwelcome fame.

Port Villa were formed by workers in the Holtdam docklands. Although an ethnic Townfig club, the team has large support from the Piratefig community due to its strong maritime tradition. Rivalry between other coastal clubs exists with games between Marino, Rings, Griffin and local rivals Fisheries Union hotly contested.


Founded: 1994
Based: Holtdam
Ground: Villa Arena (379 seats)
Owner: Silas Mulbery
Sponsor: Legoland Stores


LFA Serie A (94-94)
LFA Cup (00-01, 99-00)
LFA Derby Cup (94-94)