Inter Police


International Police Force Federation FC, more commonly known simply as Inter Police, are the most successful franchise ever from Legoland Town. The Pigs stormed unto the scene in their second season in the top flight and have never looked back.

The club finished the 2001/2002 campaign in first position, equal on points with the Celebs but ahead on goal difference. The result was a play-off showdown against the Medalin giants to determine who would take the Serie A crown. The game did not go their way however.

Two seasons later and fortunes were different. The club pipped the Celebs and Legoland FC to land their first ever Serie A title in 2004 sending their fans into near delirium and causing on-duty police officers across the Empire to abandon their posts. The team had become the first of the “Single Day Clubs”, one of many clubs established on one Saturday evening in 1994, to lift the league title.

The club were founded by police officiers in 1994 and to this day draw most of their support base from the rank and file of the black clad security forces.

The club’s traditional rivals are local outfits Legoland Town and Ajax Skerries yet due to their meteoric rise in the early 2000s, matches against the Old Rule are now the most eagerly anticipated.

The team is now owned by the former president of the PBR, William Brik.


Founded: 1994
Based: Legoland Town
Ground: Imperial Stadium (250 seats)
Owner: William Brik
Sponsor: Bank of Legoland


Serie A (04-05, 03-04)