LFA League

The LFA League is the oldest professional association football league competition in the Empire of Legoland. The League comprises 2 tiers, the top flight (Serie A) and the second division (Serie B). Other registered clubs play in the Non Leagues.

Established on 1st October 1993, the inaugural league included 7 Legoland clubs (Castleland United, Legoland FC, Legoland United, Lion Lakers, Robin Rangers, Robin Rovers (replaced by Robin Ravers during the campaign) and Republic) and 4 foreign clubs (ND Land FC, Plasticland Blues, Plasticland United and Sandland Reds).

Davidium giants Legoland FC are the most successful side in the league’s 20 year history having landed the Serie A title a record 6 times. Their fierce rivals Legoland United have their own claim to fame having secured a record 7 Serie A runner-up places in addition to 4 league titles. For more, see the LFA League Roll of Honour.