SuperLeague clubs react negatively after Players Union wins historic minimum wage

The Minifigure Players Union said the court's verdict was a "victory for fairness"

The Minifigure Players Union said the court’s verdict was a “victory for fairness”

The Minifig Players Union has secured victory in the Imperial Courts and won for its members in the LFA SuperLeague a revised minimum wage of £2,500 per week for under 21 year olds and £5,000 for players over 21 years of age. The new minimum weekly wage thresholds equate to a 5 and 10 fold increase with lawyers for some of the league’s top sides calling the figures “absurd”. The rule applies only to Serie A sides.

Legal representatives for Legoland FC, who argued most strongly against the pay increase, have said the Imperial Court’s decision could result in some top division franchises facing financial ruin. “You cannot increase the weekly wage from the already enormously generous £500 a week to £5,000 a week.

With the average annual salary (excluding slaves) of minifigs in the Empire in the region of £2,600 a year, the fact that minifigs kicking around plastic balls could earn this in a single week has angered some. Independent troublemaker Jesus gave his view despite not being asked. “The whole shebang is immoral. On one side you have businesses who are in effect corporations complaining about giving and players unhappy with what they get. Both sides need a dose of reality.”

Elsewhere, the LFA confirmed that the Serie A television rights have been sold to NTL for £85m in the latest tendering competition. A statement from the league’s governing body explained that the figure remained the same as for the 2012-13 season as no new markets were acquired in the period.