Coalition government amity hits rock bottom after arrests made in PM murder plot

The entire cabinet has been for convened for this afternoon.

The entire cabinet has been for convened for this afternoon.

The arrest of a number of Communist Party officials for suspected involvement in the poisoning of the former Prime Minister has intensified growing tensions and distrust between the coalition parties to unprecedented levels.

The Effective Minifig Union has called on the Communist Party leadership to immediately admit that members within the party and/or allied industrial unions were behind the failed assassination attempt of the Empire’s parliamentarian leader, Mr Julian Haliday, in September last year.
Failure by the CPL to concede responsibility for its members, the EMU warn, will result in immediate dissolution of the current caretaker government and snap elections.

An emergency assembly of the Hall of Minifigs has been scheduled for 2pm today. Political analysts believe that neither party will be keen to abandon ship with both sides lagging in recent polls due to a stagnating economy.

“It’s likely we will see some comprise but if we don’t things could get ugly,” explained Professor Issac Grain of the Emperor David University School of Political Science before providing some analysis.

“The EMU appear to be attempting to differentiate themselves from their left-leaning brethren in the eyes of the electorate but if there plan backfires they could join the long dole queues. Since Haliday’s demise, the caretaker government has been publicly headless and this has concocted an identity crisis for the EMU. With no prominent EMU figurehead, the average minifig cannot determine whether government policy is being driven by the EMU or Communists. Remembering that the centre-left EMU are a relatively new political group who capitalised on unprecedented disillusionment with the centre-right New Brick Order in the last general elections, they do not have a solid mass of loyal voters. The traditional leftist vote has always fallen in behind the Communists so restoring the EMU’s own brand of leftist ideology in the eyes of the public is critical for them. Tarnishing the reputation of their coalition colleagues appears therefore to be their first counter strike.”