‘Irritable Eleven’ propose major changes to state policies to ‘protect’ minifigs

The State is expected to vote down any plans to introduce reforms

The State is expected to vote down any plans to introduce reforms

A consortium of members within the Effective Minifig Union and Communist Party coalition government have joined together to mount pressure on their respective party leaders to usher in a raft of reforms aimed at tackling a wave of growing discontent from their local electorate.

The group, led by the Effective Minifig Union MP for Amin, Richard Marshans, are proposing major reforms to existing state governance and spending practices. Labeled by some media outlets as the ‘Irritable Eleven’, the collective group of 11 MPs proclaimed to the Hall of Minifigs that change is necessary to protect minifigs of the Empire from poverty, deprivation and its malevolent offspring, social and political violence.

The so-called ‘Minifigure Priority Reform’ proposals target significant reductions in state spending on security, the army and a number of both publicly known and state secret construction projects. Reforms to state policing tactics, in particular the end to the practice of arresting and detaining minifigures without any evidence of criminal activity, are also included and come just days after protests against police brutality erupted in the Basicstan province.

The move has been welcomed by many grass-root supporters of both parties however key figures in the cabinet are understood to be wary of introducing reforms that could open the door to further welfare reforms and even universal minifig emancipation.

The opposition New Brick Order hit out at the plans calling the MPs involved in the proposals  “spineless figures looking only to save their own plastic seats”.