Council of Minifigs to debate road construction change to assist enhanced design options

The redevelopment of Davidium is still a far way off from making enjoying a 'Second Golden Age'. The city's last 'Golden Age' was in 1991.

Davidium is still a far way off from a ‘Second Golden Age’ akin to that it enjoyed in 1991.

Davidium’s Council of Minifigs is to debate road construction techniques at the next meeting of the Capital Authority which could see all existing roads in the capital dug up at tremendous cost to the tax payer. The news has infuriated many residents of Davidium who are unhappy at the lack of pace of development of the city’s purported ‘Second Golden Age’.

The developments followed the provision of a transport infrastructure development strategy report commissioned by the country’s leading construction firm to the Council. The Export Company report recommended the replacement of all tiled roadways with brick-built roadways as these afforded what it termed, “enhanced construction options”.

With the State having already funded the procurement of millions of pounds worth of tiles to complete whole sections of the new capital, the issue is likely to be escalated to the Imperial Parliament. It is also evident that the Capital Authority do not have the means to pay for the massive amounts of bricks and plates that would be required for any change.

It is expected that advocates for any change will face strong opposition in government, in  particular from Communist Party members who are already at loggerheads with their coalition partners in the Effective Minifig Union over military spending and immigration control.