Empire outlines demands to advert Cultural War with Capricas

Can a cultural war be adverted?

Can a cultural war be adverted?

Following an open request made by the Capricas, the Government has provided a provisional list of requirements it is seeking from the Caprican State in order to advert what many believe is an approaching and near-inevitable “Cultural War”.

A statement by the Ministry for External Affairs identified the following 5 “core targets” which the Imperial Government in Davidium are looking to be progressed to ensure what it describes as “close cooperation between the two Empires”. “Close cooperation” is being interpreted as peace.

  1. Instigation of Capricas own internal Legoisation programme within a specified timeframe.
  2. Agreement on the renaming of Caprican territories where deemed of Humanoid origin.
  3. Agreement on the geographical location of the Capricas state on the minifig world map.
  4. Cessation of the procurement of arms and produce from inferior Clone sources.
  5. Cessation of the Caprican State’s aggressive stance and unrequested interference.

The statement also listed the following secondary objectives termed by the Ministry to be “ancillary targets”.

  1. Development of trade links and mutual support for the expansion of the international slave trade.
  2. Agreement on tackling security threats posed by international extremist democracy movements.
  3. Provision of a credible explanation for Lord Groons torso damage resulting in his untimely death.
  4. Regulating economic development and military capability of other states.
  5. Agreement on Imperial spheres of influence.
  6. Mutual assistance for procuring resources more efficiently.

It is unclear as to the initial reaction of the Caprican State to the Empire’s requirements.

Should war break out between the two Empires, it is widely believed that the Empire would secure an overwhelming military victory. Nevertheless most prominent geopolitical analysts argue that the Empire would be incapable of holding onto the far-off land for it being too remote and desolate.