Caprican agents responsible for Rolds’ murder confirms State’s Intelligence Service

The body of Rolds, centre, has yet to be found.

The body of Rolds, centre, has yet to be found.

The Intelligence Service has revealed documentation and evidence pointing to Caprican state involvement in the 2011 kidnapping and murder of the Empire’s then-to-be ambassador to Kilimanlego, Hulex Rolds.

Publishing 1000s of pages of documents, photographs and the transcripts of captured telephone recordings, the IS has left the minifig world in no doubt that it was the Capricas who were responsible for the death of one of Legoland’s most promising international diplomats.

Initially Rolds’ death was blamed on local warlords or bandits operating within Kilimanlego but it is now clear that it was agents of the Caprican state that conspired in his abduction and subsequent execution.

The released files, many of which contain disturbing accounts of the torture carried out on Rolds’ including the extraction of both his hands, has left many minifigs horrified and seeking reprisals.

The records show that members of the Caprican Secret Police posed as members of the Kilimanlego government upon Rolds’ arrival in Kilimanlego before smuggling him out of the country and to Alexandria. It is believed he was killed 2 months later during interrogation sessions overseen by the top echelon of the Caprican state.

The news has worsened the already extremely strained relations between the Empire and the banana state and may well lead to the cessation of talks between the two governments.