Jesus attacks Boss in interview for having “crossed the Rubicone with Roman remark”

Independent General Election hopeful Jesus Christ has launched a scathing attack on Everyone Deserves Bricks’ MP Richard Boss. Boss’s turbulent relationship with Mr Christ reached an all-time low today when the outspoken celebrity decided against executing a cheek manoeuvre to brand his new-found foe a “Grade A loser”.

Jesus’ comments come just days after Boss infuriated the Castlefig native by accusing him of not devoting time to the Castleland province’s Roman populace due to “personal grudges”.

Speaking exclusively to the, Jesus said that he would never speak to Boss again. “Boss has a nerve attacking me for being selfish. I’m a busy ‘fig with a busy agenda and I just don’t have endless time to spend with minifigs of every background. Boss should focus on self assessment before he goes around poking into the affairs of others. I’ll never speak to him again and will have a word with Peter in Admissions”.

Meanwhile the latest Blue Sea/TMT poll shows support for the incumbent NBO is not improving. Instead, the Communists and centre-left EDB and Effective Minifig Union look set to fight for the right to govern the Empire’s day-to-day matters.