Gangland warfare hits capital’s streets in apparent Legoland Mafia hit

Two suspected members of the Hole Heads Clan have been found shot dead in the capital as fears mount over the escalating feud between two of the Empire’s most notorious crime groups.

The killings are thought to be the latest work of the Legoland Mafia, the country’s oldest and most powerful organised crime syndicate, who are vying to retake control of districts of the capital lost in recent years to the Hole Head and Shaven Head gangs. The deaths bring the total of minifigs murdered by the Mafia this year to 20.

According to the Empire Police, a tit for tat murder spiral is underway and retaliations for today’s killings are inevitable. “These gangs of thugs will do anything to control the drug trade and will never take aggression without providing a response should this portray a sign of weakness”, said a spokesfig for the security forces.