Two members of the Dalambino crime family gunned down

Security forces are investigating the shooting dead of two minifigs in the second gangland attack this month in the capital.

The attack, an apparent assassination of 2 members of the Dalambino family, occurred in broad-daylight and shows the persistence of drugs gangs despite recent Empire Police crackdowns on organised crime.

The victims were shot several times at close range in the head and upper body in a secluded lane off the Massar industrial estate in the Ribistan area of the capital shortly after noon. Both were pronounced dead at the scene an Empire Police spokesfig said.

Both were well known to the Empire Police having had a string of previous convictions. They had been warned by the Empire Police several times in recent months that their lives were under threat.

It is believed that two gunfigs, possibly members of the rival Hole Heads clan, carried out the shooting and used a white Legoda saloon as their getaway car. The Empire Police have said the car was involved in a collision with two other cars before being abandoned and set alight in West Legoland City.

The scene of the shooting has been cordoned off and a number of police checkpoints are in place across the city as fears mount of retaliatory attacks.

The Hole Heads, Shaven Heads and Dalambino Mafia crime syndicates are fighting for control of the capital’s lucrative drugs market and control of the illegal arms trade into Castleland. A recent study commissioned by the Ministry of Finance claimed up to £55m was earned by the leading crime gangs selling weapons to insurgent groups in Castleland in just the last 3 months of 2009.