Irab falls into Legoban control after warlords secure prize in peace deal

The Castleland border city of Irab is this evening under direct Legoban administration for the first time after the Central Government ceded control of the settlement to Legoban warlords. As part of a peace deal with a number of leading Legoban representatives, the State has agreed to relinquish additional territories in the north east and south east of the Castleland province, the Ministry of the Interior confirmed.

“The city is not considered an important city of the Empire”, a ministry official told confused reporters, adding, “this is not a fig-leaf but rather an olive branch.”

It is believed that the Legoban’s first act upon seizing Irab has been to rename the city, the City of God.

If proved accurate, this may have been done for two reasons, namely, to give the minifig fingers to the Central Government in Legoland City who have outlawed God, and, to reward a key ally of the Legoban, Al-Medahyin, a group who have been fighting for the reversal of the Central Government’s 2007 decree.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Peace confirmed today that 3 members of the Legoland army were killed in a landmine explosion in the Castleland province. It is believed that the landmine was planted by dissident Legoban fighters who did not signed-up to the January armistice.

News of the latest deaths caused a storm in parliament with opposition parties berating the New Brick Order leader Obnoxious Consensus. “You should quit now before minifigs start making a giant guillotine”, advised an angry Bungbell Miles of the Effective Minifig Union.