Atlas Bell sold to foreign businessfig in multi-million pound deal

Serie A football club Atlas Bell have become the latest SuperLeague side to fall into overseas hands after being sold to a previously unheard of foreign businessfig. The Bell’s new boss, Genaro Cal, hails from the City of Legopolis, capital of the ABS Empire.

At a press conference in the Basicstan province today, former owner Marcus Simpleton formally handed over control to Mr Cal after both minfigs put pen to paper on a  £65m deal. Shares in Simpleton’s Telecom Legoland jumped sharply upon news of the transaction with the new funds immediately pushing the struggling firm out of the red.

According to sources in the ABS Empire, Genaro Cal is a self-made minifig.

Founding a company called PC Industrial he went on to become one of the nation’s richest minifigs but his interest in sports saw him shift focus. After selling what stock he held in PC Industrial he went on to coach Little League sports where he  decided to try and buy up a major sports franchise. Since the City of Legopolis does not have any professional sports teams, he went abroad in his search for a team which led him to Legoland’s SuperLeague.

Reaction to the deal has been mixed with some fans expressing concern. “I’m satisfied that this guy is likely to want to move the club forward, but the huge new debts we now have could well stifle our progress over the next few years. I can’t see any way of paying off the greedy banks without selling the backbone of our team and that stingy Simpleton already did that this Summer,” said one minifig.

Somewhat more serious is the threat posed by anti-government forces in the area.  According to commentators, any minifig that does business with minifigs from the Townships, including companies and even the Legoland Football Association, is at risk.

“The mountainous region of Basicstan straddles both the troubled Castleland province and the Townships and has become a stronghold for minifigs supportive of the Legoban insurgency. Although most of the political violence has been in Castleland and Atlas Bell has escaped involvement to date, one needs to be careful. It will be prudent that the club’s new owner respects the region’s cultural traditions,” says the Minifig Times political correspondent Cordell Drums.