Two-tier” SuperLeague criticised by nation’s largest consulting firm PwP

The contrasting fortunes of a number of SuperLeague clubs this weekend underlines the growing disparity between football’s “haves” and “have-nots” according to a report produced for the Ministry of Games and released to the public. The paper, commissioned by Minister Stuntley Errons and produced by PricewoodhousePieces, warns that unless efforts were made to close the gap, football competitions would be dominated by a small cliche of clubs.

The Old Rule clubs, Legoland United and Legoland FC, are identified as the primary culprits, being the dominant force both on and off the playing field in the domestic football landscape.

“Having snapped up four of the last five SuperLeague titles between them, the two Old Rule sides have secured the rich pickings for themselves leaving just scraps for the others. What is worrying for the state of football in the Empire is the apparent emergence of a pattern of increasing dominance by these two clubs whilst past top sides have fallen by the wayside.”

PwP have identified Celebs, Lion Lakers and Inter Police as the biggest losers in the last few years.

Legoland United are on course for an unprecedented quadruple this season and the club’s successful season has already earned £22.5m in prize monies from the Super 16 Conference run and the Serie A title win. Indeed, at £79m, the Reds’ current cash balance is so healthy, it is in fact more than the combined cash balances of all other Serie A clubs excluding Roma.

Greentown Athletic, who are facing an inevitable relegation to Serie B, represent the other side of football in the Empire. The club is struggling with huge debts and will have little prospect of securing the much needed funds to pay back the banks whilst playing in Serie B. Other clubs in a dangerous financial state include Parma and Atlas Bell, whose reversal of fortunes this season underlines the crux of the problem, a lack of consistency on the field resulting in a lack of consistent income streams.

PwP have made a number of recommendations to the LFA in the report including the allocation of TV sponsorship deals more evenly amongst clubs, the provision of no-interest loans to some clubs for ground improvements and allowing clubs raise the prices of their season tickets.