Dozens of “miscreants” rounded up in Empire Police raids across city

The Empire Police have spearheaded a huge crackdown on suspected participants in Tuesday’s violent demonstration against the government in the capital. Security forces raided premises across the city and were seen handling detainees in a very rough manner indeed sparking concern for their welfare.

Although the clean-up from the disturbances has been completed by the Capital Authority, Legoland City has the appearance of a city under siege with hundreds of police and army personnel stationed outside all key government buildings and the top financial institutions.

Chief Biggus Piggus issued another stiff warning to what he termed “fierce miscreants”, those minifigs who partook in Tuesday’s demonstration. “To those disruptive minifigs, we will not rest until each has been brought to justice. If you are foolish enough to get involved in such antisocial behaviour, you must suffer the consequences, prison time.”

Meanwhile the Ministry for Propaganda and Truth has reprimanded the UASL Global newspaper for describing Biggus Piggus as “water molecule” and for “not reporting the truth”. UASL Global’s printing presses have been turned off and must remain so until March 1st the Ministry stated.