Former Legoland FC footballer becomes Legoland’s first ever black minifig

Former Legoland FC and Napoli forward Didier Drogba has become the nation’s first ever “nigfig” after undergoing surgery in the capital today.

Taking time out from his busy training schedule with Albern, “the Drog” flew into Legoland this morning and had completed the successful operation by the afternoon. The 4-hour procedure was deemed a “total success” and a “truly historic event” by doctors at the Brickly University Hospital.

Drogba has a luxury villa in Legoland’s Eastern city of Monroe but currently lives and plies his trade in ND Land. Although he did not comment when leaving the hospital, his agent Humphrey Munga indicated his client was very pleased. “He has a permanent smirk on his face now”, Munga explained.

The Drogba operation has kick-started a huge surge in interest in plastic surgery in Legoland but those wanting yellow-to-black head operations may be disappointed. “The fact is Legoland hospitals only had two black heads in stock, and now Drogba has taken one” said The Minifig Times’ new Cosmetic Surgery Correspondent, Ms Etoile Biggs.

“Minifigs can expect to join a long waiting list but only if they’re loaded as the costs involved are prohibitive, around £500,000 per head, and so this alone will likely prevent many average ‘figs on the street from ever realising their dreams.”

The operation has attracted huge media interest but a number of well-known commentators have warned against what they term “the plastic surgery craze” gripping the nation.  “Messing around with your head’s acrylonitrile butadiene styrene shouldn’t be done lightly”, said Dr Filbert Upply on his morning TV programme, Dr Filbert. “We don’t know what side effects might arise by changing your skin colour”, he added.