Seven new Serie A club names unveiled by football association

The new names to be formally adopted on 2nd May by the 7 clubs of Italian-Lego origin in the current Serie A division were today confirmed by the Legoland Football Association. The move to rename the clubs was the brainchild of under-fire LFA president Mr Fifa, who last year confirmed his intention to weed out the overtly Italian-Lego cultural links in Legoland football.

Announcing the new names to unprecedented media interest, Mr Fifa, who is still under heavy armed guard following death threats last October, assured all present that the 2010/2011 SuperLeague will be the “best yet” and suggested he and his Legoisation programme should take the credit.

It was very noticeable that Mr Fifa did however take time out to pay tribute to the Italian-Lego influence on Legoland football which he concluded was the catalyst for the domestic game’s rise in the mid-1990s. He said however that the time had come for Legoland football to come of age and be a “100% Lego product.”

The 7 renamed clubs are as follows:

  • Fiorentina renamed the Violets
  • Inter Milan renamed Inter Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Juventus renamed Juventus White Sox
  • Lazio renamed The Strongest
  • Napoli renamed Parthenope
  • Parma renamed Duchy
  • Roma renamed the Eternal City

Mr Fifa also unveiled new provisional club logos for the 7 renamed teams. The association president concluded his speach by confirming that the Legoisation process was “ongoing”, with the renaming of Italian-Lego stadia the next task. He also opened the door to the public to suggest new names for the grounds saying that “all suggestions are welcome and will be considered.”

As part of the stadia review, he revealed that his association will offer clubs of Italian-Lego descent an option to sell off existing stadium seating (based on 2009 capacities) at a special price of £500 per seat.

The minimum number of seats that may be sold is 5,000 with the maximum 50,000 and the offer will expire at the end of May. Selling 50,000 seats would reap £25m for a club. A number of clubs are anticipated to avail of this offer including Inter and Serie B side Milan.