Al-Medahyin claim responsibility for bombing and promise more to come

A propaganda video released tonight by Al-Medahyin has claimed full responsibility for Last month’s car bomb attack on the headquarters of the NBO. The bombing left 1 minifig dead and 2 others seriously injured. The group branded the brazen attack an example of its “growing strength and capability”.

Promising more spectacular attacks to come if the Government of Legoland does not immediately legalise the worship of God, the group has sent a clear message once again to the Empire’s ruling class.

Security analysts from the Empire Police Intelligence Unit have described the organisation as the most serious threat to the safety of members of the central government. In a leaked dossier, the EPIU did not mix its words in describing the risk.

“Although much smaller in number to the Legoban, unlike the larger insurgent group Al-Medahyin’s ability to expand its area of operations is clear and the organisation now appears to have the ability to strike almost anywhere within the Empire.

The group appears aimed at hitting high-profile targets which provide it with a propaganda coup. For the members of the Legoland Parliament, Al-Medahyin is the number one threat.”