Legoland United accused of conspiring with wizards ahead of Derby showdown

Reigning Serie A champions Legoland United have once again been accused of using witchcraft by the president of Legoland FC, Francesco Pedone. Speaking to journalists at LFC Park, the clubs’ training ground, Pedone accused his counterpart at Legoland United of “consulting wizards to engage in black magic”, which, as he put it, “ensured favourable wins by restricting opponent players performances.”

“Proving” the allegation, Pedone showed the Minifig Times an array of photographs that seemed to show Mr United, the Reds’  boss, in apparent conversation with a number of blue hooded minifigs with wands.

Three years ago, LFC released a statement and very similar photographs showing Legoland United’s manager supposedly consulting with what the Partizan club labelled “up to three evil wizards”.

This latest accusation appears to be an attempt by the club to unsettle their opponents ahead of the crunch face-off between the two sides on the playing field. Although it will be Valentine’s Day on Sunday, there will be little romance in the air throughout the capital this weekend most pundits agree.

A statement issued this afternoon from Legoland United has accused Legoland FC of a “set-up” and of scoring “an own goal”.

Acknowledging that the photographs do show Mr United in conversation with a number of purported wizards, the statement accuses LFC of hiring the minifigs to approach Mr United in an attempt to land his team in hot water. “What we are seeing  here is a desperate attempt by a desperate loser club to stir up trouble in their opponents camp.  A futile childish attempt at gaining a sporting advantage which shall not work.”