New ground capacities announced by LFA taskforce

The Legoland Football Association taskforce setup to review the seating capacities of sports grounds throughout the empire has issued its draft report to the football authority.

The report recommends huge reductions across the board. The lowering of stadium capacities is just part of the ongoing “Legoisation” programme instigated by LFA President Mr Fifa last year which is also set to include the rebranding of Italian-Lego clubs and stadia names.

Spokesfig for the Ground Review Committee, Dr Filbert Hummingbird explained in a very boring way how the new recommended capacities were calculated.

“We used basic maths. The existing stadium with the highest capacity is the 92,000 seat Partizan Stadium, and we called this capacity ‘X’. We chose an acceptable, minifig-orientated, new capacity for the Partizan of 2,900 and called this figure ‘Y’. We divided Y by X and multiplied all other grounds’ capacities by the resulting factor to compute their new recommended capacities. That’s all we did”.

Dr Hummingbird added that health and safety report on all grounds in the empire was also carried out and a number of confidential recommendations have been passed onto Mr Fifa. These may include further reductions in seating capacities of some club grounds he warned.

It is expected that the LFA will confirm the final revised capacities by May 2010.