Playmobil Child King changes clothes impressing fashion aficionados

Playmobil’s reclusive leader, King Brunelesky IX, unveiled a new look for 2010 today when he entertained journalists with an out-of-the-blue photo shoot. Strutting his new hairdo, King Brunelesky looked a very different minifig than before and all members of the assembled press were reported to have been “highly impressed”.

King Brunelesky’s image came in for severe criticism in 2009 with accusations that he looked like a boy-scout probably the biggest insult ever tabled at the head of state. The camp looking scarf and passé baseball cap were not appreciated abroad, particularly in Legoland, where minifigs scrambled to tell radio phone-in shows hosts and anyone else who would listen, that Legoland was the home of fashion and style.

Now looking relatively respectable media outlets in Playmobil suggest King Brunelesky may return to Legoland to meet close friend Emperor David. King Brunelesky has yet to walk the streets of Legoland but now that he has acceptable attire we may well see his legs downtown soon”, said PlaymoToday.

Fashion aficionados have applauded King Brunelesky’s new look calling it “classy”.