Admirable Mr Prints calls for Serie A expansion to ensure league’s pre-eminence

Celebs owner, the admirable Mr Prints, has called on Mr Fifa and the Legoland Football Association to “seriously consider” the recent proposal brought forward by Torino Calcio to expand the Serie A from 22 to 24 teams. Speaking in the city of Nirut, Mr Prints claimed that a bigger division would bring rich rewards for the SuperLeague’s  member clubs and consolidate the competition’s position as the world’s number one domestic football championship.

“I am a Legoland patriot first and a businessfig second. I want to see Serie A’s reputation as the preeminent football league in the theatre of minifig society around the globe continue and through innovation and continuous improvements we can ensure this” he told RTL.

The media magnate also had a word of warning for opponents of the proposal. “When I look back over the last 10 years of football what is clear to me is that the seasons of stagnation were the seasons of reversed fortunes for the league as a whole and for all of the member clubs.

I say this despite the fact that my own club were very successful on the field during the league’s dark age yet I do honestly that feel we missed out on a lot of potential revenue as a result of out-dated procedures and general mismanagement by those with the power to implement change. If we sit on our laurels Serie A will not progress and runs the risk of being passed out.”

The admirable Mr Prints was asked whether he was backing the proposal because of the chance that his team could be relegated this season if the league isn’t expanded but he put paid to this proposition declaring, “I am a minifig of honour, I wouldn’t do anything just for the benefit of my club”. As a genuine decent ‘fig the Minifig Times has no reason to doubt his claim.

Nevertheless to date only Robin Rangers and Inter have joined Torino and the Slobs in open approval of the suggestion and responses from other clubs has so-far been lukewarm at best. Indeed both LFC and Parma have hit out at the proposal with LFC terming it a half-baked idea composed by “retard clubs”.

With the LFA keeping quiet on the topic it is unclear whether there is any hope for the already relegated Torino and Robin Rangers and whether the Celebs will be playing in the 2009/10 Serie A.