Legoland FC handed down heavy fine for last season’s football violence

The Legoland Football Association have fined Legoland FC £1m for trouble caused by supporters of the capital side in Amrap on the final day of last season. Following LFC’s loss to Parma in Amrap on May 16th and the surrender of the Serie A title to arch rivals Legoland United, hundreds of angry minifigs rampaged through the town causing significant damage to commercial properties in the business district.

Announcing the penalty, LFA president Mr Fifa expressed his view that harsher measures were “probably needed” to stamp out the scourge of football hooliganism that has plagued the sport and the SuperLeague since its inception in the early 1990s. “We need to face up to the fact that anti-hooliganism measures deployed to-date have not had the desired effect. The only option left open is to increase the penalties imposed on the clubs whose fans partake in such anti-social behaviour and hope that this will make these minifigs think twice in future.”

New LFC president Mr Francesco Pedone, who took over the reins at the Cartel after Gheorghe Hagi’s resignation last week, was having none of it.

“The LFA need to get their priorities right” said Pedone, adding that “it is the football clubs that need protection from the LFA”.

Nevertheless, the Empire Police chief Mr Biggus Piggus has praised the football association for the fine. “Only fines will stop my members being pelted with bottles and other missiles at every league game LFC are involved in. Perhaps £1m doesn’t go enough, personally I feel there should be £10m fines for any crowd disturbances”.

The Legoland media have in general praised the Empire Police for handling of the Amrap riots. Nearly 100 members of the Empire Police’s new anti-hooliganism unit, dubbed by some news agencies, the “anti-LFC police”, were involved in restoring order to the provincial town and succeeded in apprehending nearly 30 troublemakers.

In better news for the Cartel, the club has announced the signature of Frank Lampard, Dimitar Berbatov and Deco in the past week as new president Pedone attempts to strengthen the side for the 2009/10 campaign. Other key changes concerning the club was the decision by the new Real Legoland owners, NTL, to end their long association with LFC. The television firm have sponsored the Legoland giants for the majority of their 15 year history. The Minifig Times will be Legoland FC’s new sponsor after the subsidiary of the Mr Prints Group agreed a £4m deal.