Riot errupts in Legoland City centre after arrest of suspected crime boss

The capture of a suspected key member of the Hole Heads Clan criminal syndicate has seen rioting break out in parts of the Legoland capital tonight as resident bums took to the streets in support of the arrested minifig, understood to be known locally as “One Eye”.

The trouble started on Liberty Boulevard and Slave Street when gangs of youths started chanting anti-police slogans and attacked local businesses smashing in doors and windows with a barrage of stones, iron bars and beer bottles. According to the Empire Police, local members of the Hole Heads

Clan effectively organised the riot through both intimidation and the promise of jobs in the Clan.

Speaking to reporters at the Bombardier Police Station, Empire Police Chief Biggus Piggus confirmed that relative order had been restored in the troublesome hot-spots by 10.30pm and that 6 minifigs were now in custody. “These individuals will be placed before the courts tomorrow and will face the prospect of severe prison sentences” Chief Piggus said. He also had a warning for the ringleaders of the violence and organised crime in general.

“The Hole Heads Clan are friends of no one. Impressionable youths should resist temptation and empty promises made by such gangs as such groups don’t think twice about killing their own members when it suits. My forces will be launching a intensified crackdown on organised crime gangs in the coming days”.

“One Eye”, whose real name is believed to be Suspicious Portcullis, is believed to have been involved in the botched Central Bank of Legoland robbery on 12 January 2007. He is also suspected of been involved in a number of unsolved murders in the Legoland capital in recent years.

Crime correspondent with The Minifig Times, Mr Fabricatus Evidencus, believes that such a crackdown against the main criminal syndicates operating in and around Legoland City is unlikely to be successful. “The top three criminal entities, the Legoland Mafia, the Hole Heads Clan and the Shaven Heads all have a large network of operatives both on the streets and inside the corridors of power in the government and judicial system. They have endured many attempts by the STAMPA secret police to crush them but have survived them all”.