February 11th declared a public holiday by Emperor David

The great Emperor David has declared, his birthday, the 11th February, will be an annual public holiday from this Wednesday onwards. Addressing a packed parliament, the dictator of the Third Empire stressed the need for his citizens to have a day off “every now and then”.

“February 11th is a great day for our land’s minifigs as 30 years ago this coming Wednesday, I came along. I’m sure all here agree that our nation’s 2,500 minifigs need a day off every now and then to worship me so I was thinking earlier this week that for a day, my birthday would fit the bill perfectly.”

Emperor David also thanked the ruler of Playmobil, King Brunelesky, for the personal gift of a multi-purpose vehicle and house. “King Brunelesky and Playmobil are good friends of mine and the entire nation of Legoland thanks them for these super gifts” he said. The Emperor later viewed the multi-purpose vehicle with his brother King Noel and, to keep the masses of recent minifig arrivals happy, the leader of the immigration rights movement, Claudia The Impatient.

The holiday will extend to all enterprises, and both private and government bodies will be expected to allow all of their workers, including slaves, the entire day off work. As part of the celebrations, the Legoland Football Association has arranged for a full round of SuperLeague fixtures to be played on the day.

“Footballers don’t consider football work” explained the organisation’s president Mr Fifa. The Emperor himself will likely line-up for Juventus as they entertain Roma at the Delle Alpi stadium.