Tanks roll into capital to quell potential revolt as unruly immigrants getting out of hand

Tanks have rolled onto the streets of Legoland City for the first time in years in an effort to prevent angry hordes of immigrant minifigs from storming the Winter Palace. After hundreds of immigrant figs took to the streets demanding the same rights as long-term residents of the Republic, troops under the direct orders of Emperor David moved in to secure key government buildings throughout the city. The mob, led by a female minifig who is as yet unnamed but who wears black jeans, congregated in the city’s AKA Square after lunchtime and are now facing off against a massive military ring. According to reporters at the scene, the protest has remained largely peaceful but should violence errupt death on a major scale is expected.

Demanding equal rights for new immigrants the protester’s apparent leader had this to say. “The time is now right for the nation to move forward in the equality stakes, equality among minifigs of all faces, even ugly ones like that orange haired one over there. We demand the right not to carry identification cards just because we are new to this land. For Brick’s sake we are the minifigs. Power to the minifigs!”. The crowd roared their approval to this and cheered even louder when the right to free plastic surgery was also demanded. Some minifigs were heard afterwards to say, “I want a nose job” and “at least we don’t look like that orange one”.

Sources close to government are suggesting that ruling New Brick Order party are concerned about the day’s developments and how quickly immigrants have been politicised by an average female minifig. The Legoland Times political correspondent Ferocious Circuitus said that the NBO will try to press the Emperor’s hand. “General Secretary Obnoxious Consensus is likely to seek approval from the Emperor to crush the protesters under the pretext that such action is necessary to consolidate the regime’s power in Legoland City”.

Legoland society is currently undergoing huge change with the total number of immigrants arriving in the first half of 2008 alone outnumbering the combined total for the last 25 years and according to political analysts social unrest will likely be a major challenge to the state in the coming months.