Legañan conservationists claim tapir will soon be extinct due to poaching activity

Conservation groups in Legaña have sent the government a stark warning – stop the poachers killing tapir or the species will soon be extinct. Tapir populations have rapidly declined in recent weeks and wildlife protection groups speculate that by 2009 there will be so few that breeding patterns will be affected. The extinction of this species would be bad news not only for conservationists but also for the indigenous peoples who rely on tapir meat in their diet.

Suzanna Bestia, the spokesfig for Legaña Wildlife Trust, today announced, “Increased poacher activity in the forests surrounding Santa Maria has led to the tapir becoming endangered. The last few months have seen an increased demand in restaurants for the delicacy, and this has led to a massive increase in illegal suppliers of the meat. The government must step in to regulate the suppliers of tapir meat to the food industry.”

The price of tapir meat has tripled in this period owing to the rich and famous of Legaña looking to display their wealth by sampling it. Supply has been irregular since the recent public interest in the plight of the species, but it has been predicted that this will stabilise again very quickly. El Presidente has yet to comment on the warning, but if the predictions are believed then his government must act quickly to prevent the species from becoming extinct.