Military parade held in Midgar capital aims to deter potential attackers and stoke patriotism

The Emperor of Midgar surprised everybody with the announcement of a military parade today. The parade is part of the Emperor’s new strategy “management” to scare other nations and terrorist activity. He said: “some nations had problems with some terrorist groups; I don’t want that in my city!”

The parade was peaceful and no civilians were reported arrested. It was a good way of showing that the people of Midgar are patriotic. The parade was observed closely by Emperor himself who preceded the parade in his new automobile guarded by 3 royal guards. After the Emperor came his special force unit, the Midgar infantry.

Midgar is not an military super power anymore but the forces are trained to be fast and quick. Behind the infantry came a battle tank with an HR1 (High Range version 1) gun. At the end came the Emperor’s heavy weapons squad and a mobile AA gun.

When the parade was over, the Emperor gave a speech to the people. He announced that in a few months his army will be quite bigger. He will add some normal infantry to his army, along with some tanks and other equipment.

He also said, “I know we are going through tough times now”, referring to the city of Midgar getting a make over and expanding. The make over is understood to be on track and the slums where he spoke about some time ago have now been taken off the map after some people had begun to wonder if the Emperor wanted a business friendly city or a city of slums. Nevertheless, the Emperor said he doesn’t know how long it will take to finish the addition to the city; it could take a week or a year no one knows.

He also sent a message to other countries: “if other nations need some help with terrorist fighting or for other issues, I’ll send some troops there. If I find a terrorist camp or some like it, it will be blown out of this world”. The two companies building the addition to the city are apparently in some kind of building war. The company with the best possible and most detailed design will be the winner and will receive their own villa at the cost of the Emperor’s pocket.