Country of Midgar confirms it is in severe need of more windowed buildings

The Midgar Minister of Infrastructure, P. the Grave, said to the Midgar press today that “more buildings with windows are needed” explaining that the block buildings are not a good architectural style for Midgar City. The buildings referred to in his interview are called “block buildings” because their walls are made almost entirely from bricks and have few windows. Where they have windows, they are typically very small.

P. the Grave said that constructing more buildings with windows will result in an economic boom for Midgar, a boom that the economy badly needs for its so-called new super project. A criticism of block buildings is that they use large amounts of resources and building material because of their lack of windows.

He is not the only one complaining about the buildings. Many minifigs are saying the same. When a random minifig was asked, his reaction was not very positive towards the buildings saying, “I live in one of those damn dark houses, I can’t even see the sun because I only have one stupid little window!”

The city of Midgar is currently being rebuilt and upgraded and the first building with many windows will soon be completed. The Emperor of Midgar told the media that he knows that this is a huge problem but it was for economic reasons saying that after the war people needed shelter and he built them fast, saying that he knows he does not have many windows at his disposal but he is working on it.

P. the Grave said that if Midgar had more architectural stylish and better detailed buildings more minifigs would come to life in the nation and Midgar could become a major tourist destination as it would be “one of the best places to be”. He also said that even if there where more windows, plain old buildings are still not attractive. Commenting on other nations’ buildings he stated that if the Emperor would let him build what has to be built, buildings in other nations will be “like an ugly guy sitting next to a super model”.