New mandatory personal identification cards to be issued to all immigrant minifigs

The State Bureau of Immigration will issue all minifigs migrating to the Republic with special identification cards to be known as iCards it has been confirmed. The iCards must be held by all immigrants above their trousers and underneath their torso the Bureau have stated. Failure to carry the papers will result in severe penalties including imprisonment and possibly slavery.

A number of political parties, including the right-wing Legoland First party, have in recent weeks been calling for the system to be up and running before the expected mass emigration of minifigs into Legoland occurs.

Other organisations have however called the cards an infringement on the basic minifigs rights as the iCards create two kinds of minifigs – those who must carry an iCard and those who don’t. This, some say, will result in prejudice against “iCard carriers”.

It is expected that over 1000 new minifigs will enter Legoland in the coming months, more than doubling the existing population of approximately 700.