Government spent a record £1billion on new Lego imports in just over two months

The government have already spend in excess of £1bn on new Lego imports since the turn of the year it has been revealed by the BrickPolitik newspaper.

The massive amount is as a result of a huge investment in all areas of Legoland life the government publication claims. The key beneficiaries of the record expenditure will be the public transport networks, automobile manufacturers, construction and forestry industries. In addition, minifig immigration into Legoland is expected to exceed 1000 by the Summer.

According to sources close to the government, the expenditure will likely surpass £2bn by the year’s end. Major new projects currently underway include construction of a new hydro-electric dam, expansion of the rail network southwards, and the construction of a new light-rail system of the eastern side of the capital.

The biggest construction project in 2008 is expected to the redevelopment of the San Siro stadium in Legoland City. New estimates put the cost to redevelop the ground at between £350m and £500m. Some economists warn that the massive spending spree could result in the economy overheating resulting in massive inflation and social unrest.